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Winter Design Trends for Your Home

Generally, when people think of revamping their décor in their home for the winter, they immediately think of the holidays. In reality, there is still three months of the winter season following the holidays, where all your holiday décor will be taken down and put away until the next year. During these three months, you may be looking for ways that you can cozy up your space and really up your interior design for the winter season. While interior design should always be a priority, it especially is during the winter months due to how much time you are spending indoors – especially if you are someone that works from home!

If you are looking for some ideas as to how to change up your winter design this season, check out some of the top design tips that are trending this year.

Natural elements.

First off, try to incorporate as many natural elements throughout your home as you can. Natural elements can be anything from wooden furniture to natural stones to branches and other rustic pieces. Not only is adding a touch of nature a great nod to the beauty of the winter months, but it is also an awesome way to add in some texture to your home in a neutral way that will complement your current décor.


Leather is in! Even if you are someone that does not currently have any leather in your home, such as a leather couch or leather chairs, there are other ways that you can incorporate leather throughout while not breaking the bank. Consider purchasing some throw pillows that have leather accents on them, a leather tray that can be placed on a side or coffee table, leather coasters, or even leather vases to add that extra flare in your rooms.


When it comes to cozying up a space, the more texture, the better! Texture can be incorporated into your home décor in a variety of different ways. For example, consider purchasing a new rug, installing some new curtains, incorporating some baskets to hold your extra blankets, and even playing with some new patterns in each of your rooms. Another great way to add texture in your home is to add in some greenery, so if you are a plant person and were looking for the perfect excuse to add a few more into the family – here it is!

Earthy Colors.

It is going to be a long few months of dreariness outside, so it is even more reason to ensure that the inside of your home feels alive, bright, and happy! A great way to liven up your space in the winter months is to utilize earthy elements and colors that make you feel like you are surrounded by nature. Consider utilizing natural fabrics throughout your home, such as wool or jute, and keeping things generally neutral.


Sherpa is one of the largest trending fabrics currently. Not only is it extremely cozy and comfortable, but it is also downright gorgeous, chic, and timeless. When it comes to home décor, you can essentially find any item in a sherpa material, whether you are interested in a duvet cover, pillows, an ottoman, storage boxes, or even a comfy bed for your dog. Sherpa will automatically elevate the look of your home while keeping things as comfy as possible.

A nice aroma.

Lastly, make sure that the interior of your home has a nice, lasting aroma that makes your space feel fresh and comfortable. When it comes to scents, everyone has their own personal preference as to what they like to smell in their home, so make sure that it is a scent that works for everyone that is living there! You can create a nice aroma with classic candles or even consider diffusers!

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