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Tips for Coloring Easter Eggs with Your Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and if you are looking to get festive with your little ones, coloring eggs is the perfect activity to do as a family! Not only is coloring Easter eggs a lot of fun to do as a family, but it also has a lot of meaning behind it. The egg itself is an ancient symbol that resembles “new life,” which, in addition to its religious connotations, also relates directly to the celebration of Spring – a new season, and a new chapter for everyone to embark on. Decorating eggs is fun for people of all ages, especially younger toddlers who will have the chance to show off their creative side!

If you have younger kids, here are some tips on how you can color Easter eggs this year with them and make it the most fun experience you can!

Purchase your dye kits.

First, purchase your dye kits, unless you opt to use food coloring that you already have at home. When you are purchasing dye kits for coloring eggs, there are tons of different options depending on what kind of theme you are looking for. For example, if one of your kids love dinosaurs, you can find a dye kit that is on that theme! There are also spinner kits that allow you to create a tie-dye look and feel on each of the eggs. Take some time to look into different dye kit options that are affordable and exciting for your kids to open and use!

Cover your table with a plastic tablecloth.

Next, make sure that you are protecting your furniture; as fun as it is to decorate Easter eggs, it can be a messy experience! Find a plastic tablecloth that you can use to fully cover your table to avoid any dye splattering anywhere and possibly staining your furniture. Over your plastic tablecloth, put down some paper towels or newspapers, which are nice and absorbent in case any of the dye spills.

Prepare whisks, pasta servers, or ice cream scoops to lift the eggs.

To lift the eggs into each of the bowls of dye, you will need to prepare whisks, pasta servers, or even ice cream scoops. Use whatever you have on hand and whatever is easiest for your kids to use as they dip their eggs into the bowls of dye.

Get smocks and aprons for your kids.

Along with your table, you will want to make sure that the clothing on your kids does not stain throughout the process, either! Get some smocks or aprons for your kids to wear to protect their clothing in case any of the dye spills or splatters. You can even find some fun Easter-themed aprons that will make the activity even more festive! 

Put the dye for the eggs in heavy dishes.

When you have all your dye prepared, pour it in some heavy dishes which will help to keep the bowls from tipping over, like they might in a paper or plastic cup or bowl. Also, be sure that your bowls are big enough and deep enough to hold the egg as it is being dipped in.

Have markers for extra creative designs.

Once the Easter eggs are dyed, have some markers available so that your kids can take their creativeness to the next level! Markers are a fun way for your kids to draw designs on their eggs, especially if they are trying to go with a theme, like the dinosaurs!

Keep out an egg carton, or Easter egg holder, for finished eggs.

If you have a specific plastic holder for Easter eggs, make sure those are readily available for your kids to put the finished products as they are drying. If you do not have one, a regular egg carton will do just fine! And remember to most importantly – have fun!

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