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Thinking of Living on an Estate? Check Out Some Pros and Cons

If you are not familiar with estates, you may be unaware of what it is like to live on one. For some, living on estates is everything they have ever dreamed of, as there are many benefits to estates. For others, the number of rules and regulations that estates may come with may come off as a negative. If you are undecided on how you feel about moving to an estate, check out some pros and cons for you to think about!

Living on an estate can be an affordable way to get your “dream home!” Estates not only offer a very close-knit community, but they can also serve as a great place to raise children. If you live on an estate, you are ensured that there will be other children around, there will be a lot of open space for your children to play on, and maybe even a playground! On that note, estates are generally extremely safe, given that there are many rules and regulations in place. If you are planning to move to an estate where the houses are still being built, you may even be able to design what you are looking for within your home, versus purchasing a previously owned home that has already been designed completely. Lastly, estates are extremely modern and give off a great, clean-cut vibe!

With all of the pros of living on an estate, there are some cons to consider as well. Living on an estate comes with a lot of rules, regulations and guidelines, especially when it comes to the architectural design as well as sustainability. These rules may include what you are and are not allowed to have on your property. Next, some estates may be so large that they could be out of the way, or a distance from, grocery stores, post offices, and other places that you often travel to. In addition, the estate could also be a distance from public transport, such as school busses, general bus or train stops. Living on an estate offers a ton of amenities, but with these come several extra costs for maintenance as well as repairs.

It is important to consider all the above when deciding whether an estate is right for you, and your family!

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