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6 Reasons Why Rhode Island is Simply the Best

While Rhode Island is the smallest state of all, often referred to as “Little Rhody,” it is hands down one of the most beautiful states with so much to offer. No matter the season, Rhode Island is known for its quintessential vibe, it’s 400 miles of coastline, the gorgeous beaches, and so much more. Whether you are looking to visit Rhode Island or are planning to move there, there are countless reasons why you should spend time in the small, but mighty, state.

Check out some of our favorite parts about Rhode Island, and why we feel that it is simply the best state.

1 – The history.

If you are a history buff, then you know first-hand the importance of the history of Rhode Island. Not only is Rhode Island one of the original 13 colonies, but there is history dripping all over every inch of the state! Rhode Island is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful buildings and streets in all of the United States. Whether it is the long history of patriotism in the state, having the oldest library and carousel in the country, or the oldest synagogue (in Newport!), there are tons of opportunities to check out awesome landmarks and learn more about the history of Rhode Island.

2 – The food will blow you away (again and again!)

Foodies – if you have not indulged in the food found in the state of Rhode Island, you are truy missing out! No matter what kind of cuisine you are into, whether it is seafood, authentic Italian cuisine, French food, or even Peruvian food, there is something for everyone in Rhode Island, and you are guaranteed to continue to be blown away. Not only is the food outstanding, but the views offered at restaurants throughout the state on the coast will be downright breathtaking.

3 – You will have a short commute to the beach.

No matter where you are in Rhode Island, you are just a quick ride or walk away from the beach, which is truly one of the best parts about the state. By being in Rhode Island, you can guarantee that water is nearby, which is not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely healing as well. Not to mention, Rhode Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the United States, with some of the most popular beaches being in Narragansett, Newport, Little Compton and of course, Block Island as well!

4 – There are great colleges and universities.

Rhode Island has outstanding schools, especially when it comes to colleges and universities. Rhode Island is home to one of the original Ivy league schools, Brown University, as well as other schools with outstanding academics such as Johnson & Wales, Roger Williams University, Providence College, and Rhode Island School of Design. No matter what you are looking to major in, there is a guaranteed college or university that will provide you with an outstanding education.

5 – Views, on views, on views.

When being in Rhode Island, you will never get sick of the views. Whether you are strolling the cliff walk in Newport and gazing at the stunning mansions and water or walking through the streets of Providence on Federal Hill, transporting yourself to an Italian dream, there are countless gorgeous views in Rhode Island – always good for a picture-perfect moment!

6 – A healthy mix of city and suburban life.

If you are someone who enjoys both the city and the suburban life, Rhode Island is the perfect option for you. Rhode Island has the perfect mix of the calm, relaxing atmosphere of a suburban lifestyle on the water, also with city vibes in Providence if you are looking for a fun night out on the town.

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