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How to Throw an Outdoor Dinner Party to Celebrate End of Summer

Even though we are closing out the summer months, there is still plenty of time to have the last “hoorah” that you have been meaning to host for your family and friends! Those that have a patio and outdoor furniture have the perfect set up to host a dinner party in the backyard, which can be super simple and easy to throw together for a fun night with your loved ones.

If you have not thrown a dinner party before, and feel like it might be an overwhelming task, we have pulled together some of our tips on how you can host a fun dinner party with the least amount of stress. Check them out here.

Pick a theme.

First thing’s first – pick a theme that feels fun to you! Themed parties are always a fun and creative way to get people together. Your theme can be just your decorations, or can be incorporated into your menu, and even the attire that your guests wear to your dinner party! Some fun summer themes for dinner parties could include a luau party, beach party, pool party, Bohemian, or a garden theme!

Align on your menu.

Next, figure out exactly what it is that you want to serve at your dinner party. The menu items can vary depending on your theme as well as the number of people that you will be inviting and their preferences on food. Your menu will impact the amount of preparation that it will take to get all the food ready and will also impact your dishes and Serveware that will be required for the dinner party. Make sure you do not forget light hors d’oeuvres as well as some form of a dessert to serve to your guests.

Time for the decorations.

The decorations for the dinner party can be one of the most fun parts about setting up! In addition to any themed decorations that you might purchase for the dinner party, if you have a patio, think about putting up some cute tiki lamps or string lights. And, since it will be outdoors, do not forget to purchase mosquito repellent or candles that can be lit to keep the bugs away.

Get outdoor table that will hold up in any weather.

If you do not already have a table that will work for a dinner party, make sure that the table that you purchase will be durable enough to hold up no matter what the weather is. In New England, you truly never know what kind of weather you are going to get and whether it might start to rain unexpectedly.

Table linens.

To protect your table and add some extra décor to your dinner party, do not forget about table linens! Table linens are a great way to dress up the space, even if you are going for a more informal theme. You can make these all white or as colorful as you would like!


Make sure that you have enough drinks available for your guests – and options! In addition to water, you will want to have some sodas available, as well as beer and wine. It is also fun to make signature cocktails for themed parties if you have the bandwidth!

Have fun and take pictures!

Lastly, make sure that you relax, have fun and take a lot of photos of the hard work that you have put into making your dinner party a night to remember for your guests. Ultimately, no matter how you set up your dinner party, it is who you spend the night with that really matters!

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