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How to Make a Room Look Larger Than It Is

Everyone has a room, or a few rooms, in their house that they wish were bigger than they truly are. Often, having a small room in the house can feel you leaving stumped on how to design it and what to even put in it! If you are one of these people, we have you covered with some great, easy tips on how to maximize the space that you have and make your rooms look a little larger than their actual size. With these design tips, you will be in awe of what your small room is capable of! 

  • Simplicity is key. When trying to design a room to come off as a larger space, try to use light colored flooring, whether hardwood or rug, and light-colored walls. Make sure to keep the colors simple, as too many patterns or colors will overwhelm the small space. 
  • Think about your lighting. Although you may have table lamps or a ceiling light, if your room has windows, utilize all the natural lighting that you can get! You can do this by purchasing some sheer curtains so that the natural light flows throughout the room. This will make your room look brighter and larger and will reflect nicely off the light flooring and walls! 
  • Match your furniture. This is so that your furniture and walls will not contrast and everything in the room will coordinate and be easy on the eyes. Additionally, try to position your furniture so it is not directly against the walls. Give your furniture some breathing space to allow for a more open look. 
  • Try to avoid clutter if possible. If you have shelving, utilize it, but make sure to allow for some open space on the shelves to avoid a cluttered look. If you have a television in the room, think about mounting it versus positioning it on a television stand which will take up more space. Think about purchasing furniture that will also serve as storage space so that you will have more places to put all your things! 

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