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How to Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

The time has officially come to start decorating your home for the Fall season. Decorating for a new season is a great way to start a fresh new beginning, leaving the hot summer months behind us. Plus, decorating for a new season really helps to get you in the spirit and get you excited about the new chapter. Fall, specifically, is a season that helps to bring your family together as you prepare for the craziness of all the holidays in the coming months. Not only that, but Fall is one of the most gorgeous seasons, offering beautiful, scenic views of the colorful foliage, as well as beautiful, crisp weather!

The beginning – mid September is a popular time for many people to begin turning over to their Fall decorations. If you choose to start early, consider starting out with more subtle Fall décor that does not necessarily speak to Halloween, which can be focused on more so come October. When it comes to decorations for the Fall season, it ultimately depends on your own personal style and vibe. If you are looking for some ideas on fall decorations for your home this year, we have rounded up a few tips on how to give your home a Fall makeover:

Visit a farmers’ market. 

First, visit your local farmers market to grab some fresh pumpkins, squashes, and gourds. These will be great to use not only for the inside of your home, but also for the outside as well. You can choose to purchase pumpkins, squashes, and gourds of all sizes, depending on where you would like to place them. Some great areas to place these could include your front door and entryway, your porch or back deck, and of course throughout your home – in hallways, bathrooms, or even in the kitchen!

Add in browns, reds, and oranges. 

Next, around your home to see what decorations from the Spring and Summer can be replaced. Once you have removed all the warmer weather décor, you can take a look and assess where makes the most sense to weave in Fall colors. Some of the most popular fall colors to add to the home include any browns, reds, or oranges. Many people prefer to stay totally neutral, while others like the pop of red or orange to really accentuate the room. Decorations to consider can include glass pumpkins, artificial berries, wall art, and wreaths!

Cozy up your rooms. 

Now is the time to begin cozying up the rooms in your home, as we slowly prepare for chillier weather! Adding more pillows and blankets to your couches and beds not only adds for extra comfort but is a great way to add in some additional colors and textures to your room. If you have the space, you can also consider purchasing a big cozy rug to add to your flooring. And, of course, you cannot cozy up a room without some Fall-scented candles! Whether your preference is pumpkin, vanilla, or more fruity scents such as honeycrisp apple, any Fall scents will help to cozy up the room and create a great Fall ambiance.

Put together floral arrangements. 

Flowers are always a good idea, especially during the Fall season! Floral arrangements are a great way to add a nice fresh pop of color to any of your rooms. While you cannot go wrong with any flowers, some of the most popular flowers to decorate your home with during the Fall season can include ranunculus, dahlias, mums, or sunflowers! When putting together arrangements, consider a mix of orange, crimson, and burgundy, while also incorporating neutrals – you can never go wrong with whites!

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