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How to Create the Perfect Homework Station in Your House

Sadly, the summer season has come to an end and school is back in session for students which means a homework station is a must. A great way to ensure that your kids are starting off the school year strong and completing their homework is to make sure that each of them has a designated homework station where they can complete their assignments and then step away to relax or participate in any extracurricular activities. Having a homework station helps your kids to focus and stay comfortable.

If you need some help on how to create the perfect homework station for your kids, check out some of our tips on how you can get started: 

1 – Find a designated spot.

First, you must decide where makes the most sense for the homework station for your kids. Having a dedicated area in your home will help to keep your kids organized and on a routine, as they will associate this spot with where they complete their assignments. If you have room for small desks in the corner of a living room or your kitchen, this is ideal. However, the area could also be at the kitchen table, at the kitchen counter, or anywhere where a comfortable chair and table space is available. The most important factor in choosing your spot is that it will be quiet and not distracting. 

2 – Ensure there is natural light.

Completing work, whether it is homework or for a job, is always a little bit more enjoyable with some nice, natural sunlight. If you have the space available, try to make sure that your kids are able to do their work in an area where there is natural light, so it does not feel too dark and stuffy for them. 

3 – Include your kids in the supplies shopping.

Once you have your area picked out, it is time to purchase all the necessary supplies for your kids to complete their work. Include your kids in this shopping process and make it fun! For example, allow them to pick out colors for folders, pens and pencils, and notebooks. Getting them involved in the process will allow for them to feel excited to create their station and see the finished product!

4 – Create multiple workspaces and a shared space.

If you have multiple kids, be sure that each kid has their own specific workspace while still being in a shared environment. Sometimes, it can be fun and extremely helpful to complete assignments in groups. If you find that your kids work better individually, set specific homework schedules so that only one child is using the space at a time. Of course, this can also depend on the specific assignment, or if someone has a big test coming up.

5- Get creative – make it fun!

While homework stations are not necessarily glamorous, there is always an opportunity to get creative and make the process as fun as possible. Make sure that their homework station has some of their favorite things – whether this is a favorite color, favorite animal, etc. Ultimately, you want to make their space “theirs.” 

6- Keep things comfortable and organized.

Of course, comfort is the number one priority. Be sure that their homework station is comfortable and that they are not straining their neck or back while completing assignments. In addition to prioritizing comfort, keep things as organized as possible, as messy environments can negatively affect the ability to successfully complete assignments.

Taking all these tips into consideration when creating your kids’ homework stations at home will not only help them to focus on their assignments in an organized way, but will also help them to stay on track throughout the entire school year.

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