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How To Cozy Up Your Space This Fall Season

With the Fall season in full swing, you may be looking for some new ways that you can cozy up your space, especially as the weather is getting chillier each day. A cozy atmosphere is always a good idea, especially when it comes to your living room, where you will spend a lot of time during the colder months – whether it be watching movies, having some friends over for a wine night, or cozying up with your favorite book on the couch. Not to mention, switching up your space to have a new look and feel is always a fun task! Who does not love a little refreshing of their space?!

Here are some tips and tricks to cozy up your space on a budget:

Use warm colors. 

Warm colors are always a go-to in terms of cozying up a space. While the specific colors that you choose will totally depend on the look and feel that you are aiming for, some of the most popular warm color tones to consider for living rooms can include taupes, greens such as sage, cream, or grey. Ultimately, you want to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable and inviting for you and for any guests. 

Add textures.

Along with a warm, neutral color palette, consider trying out some different textures to add to the room that will help to make your space look more interesting and unique, while still making it feel homey. Some textures that help to cozy up a room can include tweed or flax linen. Items that you can include with various textures could include pillows, blankets, or even smaller pieces of furniture if you have the space. 

Add extra pillows and blankets. 

Speaking of pillows and blankets – you can never have enough of them! The more pillows and blankets, as long as it makes sense in your space, the better! If you are planning on having multiple pillows and blankets, in addition to different textures, consider different sizes and colors as well. 

Buy some plants or flowers. 

Plants and flowers are always a great idea in terms of refreshing the space, as it adds a nice natural element, a nice pop of color, as well as helps to make your space look more inviting. Plus, plants can help to improve the air quality in your space as well, which is a great health benefit, and flowers can add a nice and fresh scent to the space! 


Removing all clutter from the area is absolutely key in terms of making a space look cozy. The more clutter that is in the area, the harder it will be for you and for any guests to truly sit back and relax. If you have clutter in the area, it can make the space look smaller and can also be hard for people to easily move around. When it comes to decluttering, determine if it makes more sense to donate, sell, or throw away items, depending on what it is that you are getting rid of. 

Include a rug.

Rugs are another great way to add some more color, texture, and warmth into your home. If you are able to find the perfect rug for your space, it will not only help to cozy up the space, but also complement your furniture in a positive way. Not to mention, rugs are great to have if you have hardwood or tile floors that can get cold during the winter months. If you already have carpeting, you can still include a rug in the space, as long as it is thin.

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