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How Technology Alters the Real Estate Market

No matter what side of the real-estate process you are on, everybody can agree that the overall process is much different than it used to be. Today, we have access to so many materials and programs that help to streamline the buying and/or selling of a home, as well as help us gain knowledge to enhance our business. Here are some of the biggest ways that today’s technology alters the real estate market, and how it will positively affect your experience in buying or selling!

  • Virtual Reality. With 3D videography as well as virtual reality, the real estate process has never been so realistic through a computer screen! If you are selling, it can make it much easier to show your properties to potential buyers who may not be able to make it to the open houses. This offers a real-life experience to see every inch of the home and even feel like you are inside of it! For buyers with busy schedules, this is extremely convenient.
  • E-signing. With e-signing, documents can be viewed and signed online, which streamlines the process greatly and allows for less paperwork. With this faster process, it can make it easier for sellers and buyers to stay organized with important, signed paperwork and get through the buying and selling process seamlessly!
  • Online listings. With listings being posted online via websites and even social media channels, potential buyers can now access more information than ever before. Not only will they be able to access details about the home itself, but they will be able to do a deeper dive into the location, the school system in the area as well as the nearest stores and gas stations.
  • Apps for smartphones. If you have an iPhone or Android, there are many apps available to you in which you can quickly search for updated listings, and even get notifications for new listings in your chosen area! Some apps will even allow you to put in your budget and search based on what is best for your financial situation.

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