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Holiday Season is a Good Time to Sell a House

Have you been itching to get your house on the market? With the year quickly coming to an end, and the holiday season right around the corner, you may be wondering when the best time is to get your house on the market. Well, luckily, the holiday season is in fact a great time to put your home on the market and to sell it! While many people generally look at the Spring season as the prime time to sell their home, there are several benefits when it comes to choosing to sell during the holidays, as long as your home is positioned correctly on the market.

Check out some of the reasons why selling during the holiday season could be your best bet: 

Home for sale during the holiday season

Buyers are serious in the winter. 

When it comes to potential buyers during the winter season, you can bet on the fact that you know they are serious about finding their dream home. During the warmer months, it can be easy to visit open houses while exploring a new area or neighborhood. Whereas, during the winter, especially the holiday season, people are not going to spend their free time checking out open houses unless they mean business! Ultimately, attracting serious potential buyers is a great way to ensure that you will likely get a quicker sale. 

Many people relocate their job at start of the New Year. 

For many people, they can find themselves in a situation in their career where they will have to relocate – whether that means their current job is moving them elsewhere, or they are starting fresh at a new company. In any case, relocating for a job will mean that the person needs to find a new home sooner rather than later, so they will be on the hunt for a home that makes sense for them. These potential buyers do not have any time to waste, as their new position will likely start in the beginning of the new year. In these cases, you can also guarantee a quick sale! 

There is less inventory. 

Since many people sell during the Spring and Summer months, you will find that there is less inventory during the holiday season, and therefore, less competition. If you are able to position your home in the best light possible, it will very quickly become a contender for several potential buyers. This will often lead to price wars, especially if you are located in a sought-after neighborhood. In these cases, you may find that it will only take a couple of days before you are receiving an offer on your home. 

Your neighborhood will look festive and inviting.

During the holiday season, everyone will be working on getting their home into tip-top shape, especially on the exterior, to look as festive as possible. With all the festive lights on throughout the neighborhood, your area, and your home, will automatically look more inviting, cheerful, and festive! For people who are into the holidays, this will immediately put your home in a great light, as they will be able to see themselves joining in on the festivities. 

You can cozy up your home. 

For the interior of your home, selling your home during the holidays is the perfect excuse to really get a warm and cozy ambiance going! When taking photos of your home or hosting an open house, make sure to pull out all the stops in terms of making your home as “homey” as possible. Light your fireplace, bake some cookies or light some festive holiday candles to get a nice aroma, and make sure that if you do have décor up, you do not have too much to the point where it is distracting potential buyers from seeing details in each room.

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