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Give Your Home Some TLC With These Tips

With so many more people working from home these days, you may find yourself constantly looking around and wondering how you can improve or change up your space. It can become extremely easy to feel uninspired by your surroundings if you are finding yourself in the same spot each and every day. Luckily, there are a lot of easy and fairly inexpensive ways that you can change up rooms within your home, either by rearranging some items (a little feng shui!), changing up the overall design, and more!

Check out some tips on how you can give your home a little TLC and make your space more exciting to be in: 

Streamline and declutter the space. 

Before you begin changing up any layouts or designs in each room, begin by decluttering the space, cleaning, and streamlining where you can. This will allow you to truly see how much space you have to work with and where it might make sense to freshen up an area. Start off with a smaller space such as a bathroom so that you can quickly declutter and throw out any products that you are no longer using. Without any aesthetic updates, decluttering and streamlining each room in your home will give you a great sense of relief and will help you to lower your stress levels overall. 

Add some greenery. 

You can never go wrong with livening up your space with some greenery! Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing and bring a great sense of light and pop of color to your space, but they also have a lot of health benefits, including adding some oxygen to your home! There are a lot of different options for plants within your home, and it totally depends on your preference of style as well as how much upkeep and maintenance you are willing to put into the plant every day. Regardless of what plant you choose, you truly cannot go wrong, as they are beautiful and great for healing!  


In addition to helping to purify your space with plants, there are a lot of other ways that you can purify each room in your home in a natural way. Purifying your home and improving your air quality is an awesome investment, as you are making sure that you and your family are safe while also helping to relieve stress and create a sense of peace. Some examples of ways to purify your home include burning essential oils, lighting a beeswax candle instead of a classic paraffin one, regularly cleaning your air filters and ceiling fans, and lighting up a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp! 

Incorporate as much natural light as possible. 

Natural light is so important to have in your home, so where you can find it, make sure you are utilizing it! This is especially true for if you are working from home, whether a job or doing schoolwork, as it will help you to focus. If you can, try and maximize your exposure to natural sunlight as best as possible by rearranging your desk near a window where you can keep your drapes and shades open to let in the light. If you do not have access to a lot of natural light in your home, you can incorporate other things such as a chrome lamp to try your best to enhance a darker space.

Switch up the colors. 

For those that are looking for a true makeover to a room, consider switching up the colors! In this case, you do not need to fully switch up the room by repainting the walls (unless you have the means to!), you can incorporate new colors by buying some new pillows or pieces of décor and accents that can change the entire vibe of a room. Other items that will help to change the vibe could include an area rug, curtains, or artwork to bring color into your space.

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