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Get Your Home Ready for Snow Season

Winter is just around the corner, and as we notice temperatures start to drop and our days getting shorter, now is the time to begin prepping your home for snow season – it is time to winterize! Winterizing your home is important to ensure that you are able to keep warm during the winter months. Plus, it is easy and generally inexpensive to do. If you are a first-time homeowner, or you are looking for some tips on how to get better at winterizing your home, we have pulled together a checklist for you to refer to so that you can make sure you are ready.

Check out how to get your home ready for snow season: 

Clean your gutters. 

Over the course of the year, and depending on how many trees you have, your gutters will become built up. You must ensure that you empty and clean out your gutters before the temperature drops and becomes freezing, to avoid any damage which could become costly. While you are cleaning out your gutters, consider getting some leaf guards installed so that you can keep them clean for a longer amount of time. 

Bring in your outdoor furniture. 

If you have any outdoor furniture, make sure that it is brought inside so that it does not get damaged by the winds and snow during the winter months. Before putting your furniture away, make sure that it is cleaned up, so it is fully ready to go for the spring season. While you are storing away your furniture, make sure you do not forget to bring in your grill, as well as any other yard equipment that you have outside. 

Use pipe insulation. 

To avoid any of the pipes in your house freezing up, make sure that you are using pipe insulation on any of the pipes that you think might be more exposed to getting frozen – such as in your garage. If you do not have the means to insulate your pipes, try to ensure that you are keeping your garage door shut as much as possible so that you are not letting freezing air in. This is important as frozen pipes that burst are one of the most common winter loss claims! 

Clean your chimney. 

Next, it is time to get your chimney ready for Santa Claus! It is smart to get your chimney inspected and cleaned during the winterization process for fire safety. Work with a professional inspector that can help check on any buildup that has occurred in your chimney throughout the warmer months and make sure that your chimney is in good shape for the winter. 

Test your smoke detectors. 

It is always good to regularly check your smoke detectors, but especially ahead of the snow season as you know you will be cranking the heat up, using your stove more often to make some hearty meals and comfort foods, and if you have a fireplace, lighting a fire! Change the batteries in all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them out to ensure that they are working properly. If you find that any of your batteries are out of juice, replace them as soon as possible.

Assess your roof. 

Do not forget about your roof! Any roof maintenance that might be needed should be done before the snow. Do a full inspection of your roof to assess whether you have any shingles that are cracking or even missing, as well as any panels that have rusted or look like they could be loose. If you are not sure exactly what to look for when it comes to assessing your roof, consider hiring a professional who can help check all the boxes to make sure you are in good shape! 

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