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Fun Ways to Spend February Vacation with your Family

If you have kids, then you know that February vacation is right around the corner. You may already have plans for February vacation, whether you are going on a tropical getaway with the family, a ski trip, or having family and friends over. If you do not have plans to travel for February vacation, you may be looking for some ideas on how you can make the most of their time off from school. The good news is that you do not have to travel far to make the most of February vacation – there are tons of fun and exciting activities that can be done right at home!

Here are some fun things that you can plan for your family during February vacation:  

Movie marathons. 

While you may want to avoid a ton of TV time for your kids, a few movie nights or movie marathons are the perfect way to spend a chilly winter night. When you are planning your movie marathon, decide on what theme you would like to go with, or if you would like for each person in the family to pick a movie to watch. And of course, you cannot have a proper movie marathon without tons of fun snacks, delicious treats, yummy drinks, and endless pillows and blankets.  

Sledding and tubing. 

If you have a mountain near you, or just a hill nearby that you can work with, bundle everyone up and head out to go sledding and tubing! This is a great activity that will help everyone get out of the house, get some exercise, and enjoy the winter weather. Make sure that when you are sledding or tubing you are dressing everyone appropriately in layers to avoid anyone getting sick. After a full day of sledding and tubing, wrap up the day with some hot chocolate to warm everyone up! 

Go bowling. 

Bowling is a fun family activity that everyone can participate in. No matter how much experience someone has with bowling, it’s a great way to get some friendly competition while also having tons of fun. If your kids are younger, many bowling alleys offer bumper bowling, so that the gutters are covered, and the ball will stay in the lane – guaranteed to hit the pins! While you are bowling, you can also indulge in some fun snacks to pick on, as many bowling alleys offer a menu full of delicious food and drinks. 

Bowling on February Vacation

Have a day of crafts. 

It is time to get creative! Have a day full of crafting, where your kids can show off their creative abilities and make some momentums from scratch. When it comes to crafting, there are tons of different things you can create – whether you prefer drawing, coloring, painting, or making something such as play dough or jewelry. The options are truly endless, so you can guarantee that your kids will have a full busy day! 

Indoor rock climbing. 

If you have a facility nearby that offers indoor rock climbing, this is an awesome adventure for your kids to partake in if they are on the adventurous side! Many indoor rock-climbing facilities are designed specifically for kids as well, so if they have never experienced it before or do not do great with heights, they will still be able to have a great time. 


What is better than the smell of some freshly baked cookies or brownies? Make it a fun family activity by allowing everyone to participate in the baking process. This way, your kids will get some experience in the kitchen, and feel super proud when the finished products come out of the oven! 

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