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Defining Your Kitchen Personality

When it comes to interior design, many say that the style of one’s home can tell a lot about who they are from a personality standpoint. This is very true when it comes to how someone’s kitchen is designed – in terms of layout and format as well as the décor of the kitchen. Have you ever stopped to think about what your kitchen personality may be? Check out the three most common kitchen personalities to find out which one sounds like you:

Modern Kitchen Personality

Many people have been gravitating toward a more modern kitchen the past few years – a kitchen that is filled with as many smart appliances as possible, likely has several ovens and looks simple, futuristic, and very cutting-edge. If your kitchen is aimed toward the modern side, you are likely extremely energized, love to experiment and love to try new things.

Country Kitchen Personality

For many years, a country style kitchen has been extremely popular, and it continues to be a leading trend. Country kitchens are made for one thing – comfort. After all, plenty of comfort food is cooked up in it, right?! For a country kitchen, it is more about the food than it is the technology, so the simpler the appliances and set-up, the better. This type of kitchen truly gives off the “home sweet home” vibe that many strive for. If you have a country kitchen, you are likely very laid back, relaxed and in tune with what is going on presently.

Classic Kitchen Personality.

Classic kitchen personality

If your kitchen is neither modern nor is it country, perhaps it is a classic kitchen that is a happy medium of “home sweet home” with a modern twist. Classic kitchens are generally traditional with a set-up that will never go out of style or need to be changed drastically. Classic kitchens mean that they have been properly invested in – which describes you as efficient, always on the ball and making sure that you’re in it for the long haul.

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