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Coastal Home Improvements

What’s the best way to improve your coastal home when you’re planning to put up the “for sale” sign on your front lawn? We listed a few of our top picks below.

  1. Dream Kitchen 

Kitchen makeovers are one of the best ways to improve your home value. In fact, a good kitchen remodel can return more than 90% of its cost, so why not give it a go? Tip: A good idea you should include in your remodel is an ice maker (you’ll always need some ice cubes to cool down at the beach or on a humid day).

  1. Cosmetic Changes

Everyone loves an attractive home, whether coastal or not. Cosmetic changes, such as wall colors and furnishings that complement the cheery colors of the coast, give visual cues that make a beach house feel like home.

  1. Central Air-Conditioning 

As much as we look forward to those warm summer days when we can finally head to the beach, having central air-conditioning is great to have after a long day at the beach. Being able to switch to back-up cool is a major relief. It doesn’t matter how shaded your house may be from the sun, if it doesn’t have central air, and nine out of the other 10 houses on the market do, yours will be at the bottom of the list.

  1. Windows

People crave natural light and postcard views of the coast. Skylights, bigger and more-stylish windows, height-gaining transoms, and French doors enhance an existing home.

  1. Bring the Outside Inside

With so many natural and beautiful accessories on the beach, it’s easy to bring those elements inside to your coastal home. Take the kids on a seashell hunt and display their treasures in a sculptural bowl or glass vase.

  1. Give it Some Space

In a coastal home, it’s best to have enough room to relax. A cluttered house filled with too much furniture can hurt your home appeal, rather than help it, so it’s best to have a minimal amount of furniture inside. Consider buying a large sectional instead of a couch and a love seat, or having a large dining table with benches instead of individual chairs to simplify and maximize the space.

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