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5 Steps to Moving Out of Your Home

No matter how many times you have moved homes in your life, or if this is your first time moving, everyone can agree that it is a very overwhelming process that can keep you busy for weeks! Moving out of your home does not just consist of packing everything up, but also making sure that your address is changed through the postal service, your children’s schools are notified, and more!

Check out our tips with some of the most important steps to remember as you are preparing for moving out. 

  1. Sort through everything. First thing is first, before you begin packing, sort through all your items to make sure that you are only packing things that you need, and you are removing all of the clutter. Once you figure out what you are getting rid of, check out what you are able to donate, or what needs to be thrown away. 
  2. Research into movers. You should never settle for the first moving company that you find. Make sure to do your research so you can find the best movers for your own move, and for a price that is within your budget. 
  3. Make travel arrangements. If you are moving far, be sure to book travel in advance so you can get the best price possible. If you are moving a drive away, start planning what time you will be leaving so you can align with your moving company of choice. 
  4. Purchase packing supplies. Be prepared with all of the packing supplies that you’ll need for your move, including boxes, tape, scissors and markers to label each box as you go. 
  5. Change your address at the post office. Finally, be sure to change your address at your local post office so that any mail that you receive in the future will go to your new home. 

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